Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to register?
Once you have registered, you are able to login at any time and maintain your personal profile (My Desk) and thereby access the resources necessary to manage your career journey. 

How does the online career guidance evaluation exercise work?
​Once you have registered and received your access code, you will be directed to a series of questions, designed by specialists, which you will rank in order of importance as they apply to you. The process will guide you and will result in you being given up to four (4) recommended career paths. Whichever you choose, you will access a comprehensive document outlining all the information you need about one or all of the career paths, from where to study, to the subjects you will need to study.

How does this process benefit me?
With limited resources within the current education system, The Career Guide offers reliable, extensively researched and up to date information on to-days career guidance techniques and information. The process will add value to your career path by establishing what is best suited to you  specifically, so you are in fact able to make informed decisions when choosing a particular career direction. In addition, this tool will continue to support you through your decision making processes on subject choice, further studies, and general career guidance throughout your studies and ultimately into the working world.

Do I have to pay for the evaluation?
The cost of the evaluation is R350 which gives you access to a personal and reliable result in an appropriate career search. You will also have access to a substantial jobs library which can be researched at any time as well as other support resources which assist you throughout your development and ultimately into the work place.​

How long will it take to complete?
The evaluation can take anything from 25 minutes, but there is no time limit so you can take a bit longer.

Can I complete the online evaluation over different times?
Yes. Should you have time constraints, you are able to return at any time to complete the process. All you need to do is login using your unique username and password, and return to the evaluation, the system will take you to your last completed question and you can continue from there.

What happens if I forget my username or password?
All you need to do is use the “Forgotten password” link on the login page to reset your username or password.

When and how will I receive my authorization access code?
Your access code will be generated and sent to both the email address and/or cell number you provided when registering.

What happens if I lose my authorization code to complete the evaluation?
Your access code will be generated and sent to both the email address and/or cell number you provided when registering.

Why is My Profile page so important and why should I complete all the information?

Your profile page (My Desk) will essentially become your personal profile page which will support you through your education and study journey. This tool can be used from high school through tertiary studies, and access to a general information bank of tool and resources which will guide and support you. The information you provide will be critical in ensuring that we get you the perfect fit.

Is it possible for me to search for different kinds of jobs on this website?
Yes, once you have completed the evaluation. We encourage you to do so. You will have access to the Job Library and will be able to go in at any time and research potential careers and save them to My Desk.

What happens if I change career choice or direction?
For various reasons, people do have a change of heart when it comes to matters of career direction. This tool aides in making the right choice from the word go. Should you decide you want to pursue a different direction, the site offers resources, in terms of researching other careers and even speaking to experienced hires in current real time jobs so you are better prepared for the reality.

Who do I contact for technical issue resolution?

Please use the “Contact us” link on the website.

Am I able to research different learning Institutions?
Yes, once you have completed registration, you are able to conduct a search using the “Search” function on the site.

Can I talk to experienced people who are in real careers that are best suited to me?
Yes, this will be an ever growing database of experienced graduates and/or people with work experience in jobs across all disciplines. They are real people in real jobs and will be able to give an accurate view of the perception versus the reality of that career, and give insights you would otherwise not have.